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150 Jefferson Ave • Hartford, WI 53027

061008 015Rental Information

The Great Hall is one of the most spectacular facilities in the state of Wisconsin.

Its unique architecture boasts an unobstructed, octagonal ballroom rising to a grand peak at the center, featuring a marvelous Art Deco German chandelier which weighs one ton, surrounded by 26 smaller chandeliers.

The floor is natural maple and the room contains two large, fully stocked bars and a theatrical stage rising four feet above the ballroom floor. The Chandelier Ballroom is entirely ADA accessible with everything located on the main level.

Stage 2Groups of 150-500 can be arranged in a fashion that allows buffet tables to be centered in the middle of the hall. This area can later be used for the evening's entertainment.







Great Hall Rental
Listed below are the rental charges for the Great Hall. *GREAT HALL RENTAL SPECIALS* 4th Friday Frenzy has returned ... 50% off the 4th Friday of every month in 2015! Please contact the Ballroom for available dates!
Sunday-Thursday $1,000
Friday $1,800
Saturday $2,600

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW THE GREAT HALL & THE FIRESIDE ROOM IN 360 (Once you are on the Virtual Rabbit home page, search Chandelier Ballroom and click on 'scenes.')
Virtual Rabbit

Fireside Room
bar2The Fireside Room is a smaller, more intimate room featuring beautiful wood-paneled walls, a natural maple floor, a large, fully stocked bar and a charming stone fireplace.

Seating capacity for the Fireside Room is up to 125. This room is perfect for smaller receptions, private gatherings, holiday parties, or business meetings.

firesideroomIt can also be used in conjunction with the Great Hall for additional room for your guests.




Fireside Room Rental
Listed below are the rental charges for the Fireside Room.
Sunday-Thursday $450
Friday & Saturday $850

Click here to view the ballroom layout

ceiling1Included in Hall Rental

500 Chairs
(50) 60" Round tables
(25) 36" x 96" Rectangular tables
Basic sound system, CD player
Projection screen with projector & DVD player, connected to our sound sytem (Great Hall only)
Podium with cordless microphone
Free parking ~ 400 Spaces
Basic setup of the facility
Cleaning of the facility before and after the event

Catering Policy
The Chandelier Ballroom is pleased to offer in-house catering to all of our guests. Our dinner, appetizer and late night menus and prices are listed on this site under 'Catering Services.' Tastings are offered to all of our guests after they have signed a room rental agreement. Each couple is allowed one complimentary tasting where they can select 2 entrees and 2 accompaniments from one of our menus. Additional guests are $25.00/person. Our next tasting is scheduled for Friday, January 16th at 6:00pm. You must RSVP with your menu selections at least one week prior to the tasting. If you would like to schedule an additional tasting, the cost is $25.00/person. The Chandelier Ballroom does not allow any food items to be brought on premise that are not prepared by a licensed caterer. The only exception to this policy is wedding cakes and dry snack items for the bar. We require a signed catering contract and deposit once you decide to utilize our services. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Linen Service

The Chandelier Ballroom offers linen service to all of its guests. Our staff ensures that the room is setup, linened and skirted when you arrive to decorate! Our staff will also take them down for you at the end of the evening. Our fee is $6.00 per linen (90”x 90” black, white or ivory square.) We also offer white table skirting at a package price of $175.00. This package includes skirting of the head table, cake table, greeter and placecard table, gift table, buffet table and hors d’oeuvre table! Skirting gives the room an elegant, polished look and adds a nice touch to the facility. Linen napkin service is also available. Our charge is $0.50 each.

Many couples are opting to book only one venue to hold both the ceremony and reception. This limits the amount of travel for their guests and can also allow for a more flexible time schedule. The Chandelier Ballroom has the capability to hold ceremonies either outside, in the Steel Craft Fireside Room or the Signicast Great Hall. Wedding parties will often have photos taken in front of our fireplace or outside on the Love Seat patio area. The Chandelier Ballroom Ceremony charge is $350.00. This charge covers rehearsal time along with the additional staff and setup time related to the event. Please note: The Chandelier Ballroom does not allow our chairs to be setup outside. If you decide to have an outdoor ceremony you will be required to rent chairs.

weddingisle ballroomexterior
Gazebo Gazebo

Late Night Transporation
Due to the lack of a local, late-night taxi service, we have found that many of our guests have been asking for transportation service later on in the evening. We have decided to offer a Transportation Service for those guests who would like to leave their vehicles in our parking lot and enjoy a safe ride home. The service would be provided by a local transportation company and would offer a passenger van for a two hour window (10:30pm-12:30pm or 11:00pm-1:00am is suggested) The vehicle would travel within a 15 mile radius of Hartford to ensure as many guests are taken care of as possible. The price of this service is $250.00 and can be decided on at our final meeting one month prior to the date of your scheduled function.

Love Seat Bricks
Would you like to have your wedding day engraved in stone? The Chandelier Ballroom is pleased to announce our 'LOVE SEAT' project! We are working with a company that engraves bricks to put together an area outside perfect for photographs which will recognize the many couples who have met or been married when the facility was named The Schwartz, Zivko's, Legendz, or the Chandelier Ballroom! The 4"x 8" bricks are being sold for $100 each and will include the name of the couple and their wedding date. Please contact the ballroom for additional details!

Hot Dog Cart
Hot Dog CartEveryone likes to provide their guests a little something to munch on around that 10 o’clock hour, so we thought a hot dog cart would be the perfect way to get your guests excited about their snack! If you would like to offer hot dogs to your guests at the Chandelier Ballroom, the cost is $1.00/dog. You let us know how many hot dogs you would like us to order, and you are charged accordingly. This includes one of our bartenders serving the hot dogs in buns along with ketchup, mustard and napkins. We serve the dogs until they are gone, or the end of the night, whichever comes first! You don’t have to worry about a thing and your guests enjoy a warm hot dog under a bright yellow and red umbrella!



Hold Policy
A tentative hold may be placed on any date, and on any room, that is not already booked free of charge. Please call or email the Ballroom with your request. The tentative hold is in no way reserving the date for your event. A tentative hold is good for thirty (30) days from the date of the request.

In the event that another customer should have interest in the date, you will be notified and given three (3) days to sign a rental agreement and make a deposit for the date. If this is not done within three (3) days, the date will be released. If you have any questions or concerns about the Chandelier Ballroom Hold Policy, you can reach us at (262) 673-4946; Email:

Securing a Date
To secure a date, one half (1/2) of the total hall rental charge is due along with a signed contract. The remainder of the rental charge is due 30 days prior to the date of the event.

The hall deposit is non-refundable or transferable and will be retained by the Ballroom if the customer cancels the event for any reason.

Electrical Capabilities for Entertainment Providers include the following:

• One (1) 200 ampere fusible disconnect switch 120/208 Volts; Load lugs only

• One (1) 100 ampere fusible disconnect switch 120/208 Volts; Load lugs only

• One (1) 50 ampere Nema 10-50R power receptacle and matching cord cap

• Four (4) 20 ampere 120 Volt duplex receptacles